Compliance, Licensing & Enforcement

Strengthen Compliance & Enforcement of Fisheries legislative instruments
We have a vital role to perform in accordance to the provisions given under the Fisheries Act No. 10 of 2014 and the Fisheries Regulation Order 28 0f 2009. We are to ensure all fishing and related fishing activities controlled under the Act are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Act. Violations are dealt with accordingly or prosecuted in court.

The core activities of the Division

  • processing, issuing or refusing licenses to vessel operators, companies for related fishing activities; 
  • processing, issuing or refusal of permits for export and import of fisheries products;
  • monitoring and surveillance to enforce Fisheries laws and regulations;
  • collecting data for foreign fishing vessels fishing in Vanuatu waters and beyond and;
  • manage and promote observers program.

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