Tails is an innovative mobile or tablet application designed for use by small-scale fishers to “catch” information, recording the quantity of fish they catch and the different species. Tails allows fisheries officers the flexibility of collecting data when out in the field even when they don’t have access to internet. Data is then automatically synced, uploading catch information to national datasets through integration with the ‘Tufman 2’ data management system, also developed by SPC.

An Overview of Tails in Vanuatu

Vanuatu like other Pacific countries experienced challenges in capturing Coastal fisheries data due to the distribution and remoteness of its islands. The issue of data collection and the push to put in place effective mechanisms resulted in the establishment of the Tails program.

Tails was first rolled out in late 2015 and was introduced initially to Fisheries Extension officers within the 6 provinces.

The second roll out took place in 2016 and was funded under ADB and was rolled out to the Communities. Nineteen communities in Vanuatu where selected and in each community a Tails Monitor was selected to carry out the data collection.

Tails today exists in 19 communities in 8 islands and captures data on;

  • the quantity of fish caught
  • the species of fish caught
  • the total costs for the trip
  • the type of fishing technique used
  • the area of fishing operation
  • the end use of the fish caught

Tails is being funded under the ADB

With the success in the program so far, the Tails program is looking at expanding to more sites and communities in the future.

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