JICA Grace-of-the-seas Project


GOS Stands for:" The project for promotion of Grace of the sea in coastal villages in the republic of vanuatu.

FUNDED By: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To encourage community members to improve their capacity for coastal resource management and support them to utilize marine resources like Sea shells, Sea Cucumbers, reef fish and so on in a sustainable manner.

The project consists of resources management measures together with supporting measures based on the following four perspectives:

1. The resource & environment perspective

2. The economy & environment production perspective

3. The Social & Culture perspective

4. The Institutional & governance perspective

Major achievements of the Project in Vanuatu 

1. Contributing to the recovery of green snail resource

In Shefa Province, overfishing has depleted green snail resources since the 2000s and a ban has been in place. In the Grace of the Sea project (Phase 1), green snails were transferred from Aneityum Island, where green snail resource was relatively abundant in Vanuatu, and transplanted to taboo areas such as Mangaliliu in Efate Island and Lelepa Islands, Shefa province. A survey of green snail resources on Efate Island during the Grace of the Sea project (Phase 3) confirmed that green snail resources were recovering near Efate Island.

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2. Strengthening resilience to natural disasters through tilapia culture

From 4th to 5th April 2020, a Category 5 Tropical Cyclone struck Vanuatu. The cyclone, named Harold, caused serious damage mainly in the northern part Vanuatu.

Emergency supplies arrived two weeks after TC Harold passed. During the two weeks before emergency supplies and relief were received, the community harvested Tilapia from the fish ponds supported by the project sharing the harvest with themselves and with other affected communities.

The activities that the project was implementing contributed to strengthening the community’s natural disaster resilience.

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3. Development of national CBFM implementation guidelines and tool manual

Through project activities, a CBFM implementation guideline and tool manual were developed to guide the implementation of CBFM to be expanded by VFD’s field staff and community leaders.

4. Development of an island-wide CBFM plan involving area councils and chiefs

CBFM projects tend to be point activities for pilot sites only. Still, with the help of VFD, the project involved the area councils and chiefs of Emae Island in Shefa Province and Aneityum Island in Tafea Province, and contributed to developing an island-wide CBFM plan.

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5. Involving youth in resource management activities through sports event

Even when meetings for resource management are organized in communities, the youth who use the resources are not interested, and it is difficult to get them to participate. In the Grace of the Sea Project (Phase 3), we focused on sports such as football, which most youths are interested in, followed the rules as resource management, and tried out resource management awareness-raising activities through sports competitions. We could get significant results through the exercises.


       Community presenting their               CBCRM plan activities
    Community presenting their                 CBCRM plan activities
         Women's Breakout group                discussion ono CBCRM
           Men's breakout group
            discussion on CBCRM
         Fishing around a FAD
      Fisher's selling their Catch
           to local fish market
        Community Fish Market 
                (Solar Freezer)
Community Tilapia harvest
                Hybrid Canoe
            Giant Clam garden
             Shell craft products
       Diamondback Squid Catch
1st FAD Workshop on Malekula
2nd FAD Workshop on Malekula
1st FAD Workshop on Efate

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