About the Observer Programme

Fisheries observers are deployed to serve on various fishing vessels to monitor and collect compliance and scientific data. This data comprises of fishing gear type, fishing locations, fishing effort, catch type, weather conditions, infringements if any and any other useful information. This valuable data is then used by Fisheries Managers to make sound management decisions in each respective fishery.

The VNOP under the Vanuatu Fisheries Department contracts trained and qualified Fisheries Observers to serve onboard various fishing vessels inside the Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) and Inter American Tropical Tuna Commision (IATTC) areas.These vessels include fish carriers/reefers, longline vessels, purse seiners and stern trawlers. Each fishing trip can last from 1-7 months out at sea depending on the type of fishing vessel.
  • Observation onboard fishing vessels. 
  • Port sampling activities
  • Biological sampling activities



A Fisheries Observer measures randomly selected Skipjack Tuna which was caught during a set with a caliper onboard a Purse Seiner to find average size composition.

Longline Fishing Operation and Fisheries Observers' Roles

Pacific Islands Fisheries Observers in action

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