Sea cucumber monitoring

vanuatu, Sea cucumber

The objective of this webpage is to collect and centralize all the information on Sea cucumber collected / reported throughout Vanuatu by the Fisheries department research unit. Sea cucumber are echinoderms also referred to as holothurians. They are tube-shaped, bottom dwelling animals that found inshore from 0-50 meter in sea water depth. Sea cucumbers are one of the most important commercial inshore fisheries in Vanuatu. There are more than 20 different commercial species of sea cucumber in Vanuatu. Traditionally, sea cucumbers, commonly known in Vanuatu as 'beche-de-mer' are not consumed locally; the resources is harvested and exported to overseas market particularly to Asian countries where it is a food delicacy. Currently Vanuatu fisheries department was using biological information to design a new TAC-based system that has been implemented in February 2014.

Browse the sea cucumber survey reports from throughout the country

Check out our interactive Sea cucumber survey map: zoom in/out on the reefs, click on any dot to retreive the available information on Sea cucumbers (including locations, numbers, etc.)

Sea cucumber ressource status

Animated zoom (if supported by GMaps on your device)

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